References style lensGalley

Greetings PKP community.

I need to modify the style of the XML file references in lensGalley plugin of my OJS installation ( References should be in APA or Vancouver style.

How can I modify the add-on to make it possible?
Any ideas please?

Hi @jpcv222,

The PKP team doesn’t maintain the Lens viewer application – it’s maintained here: GitHub - substance/reader: Substance Article Reader

Note that I don’t think they’re developing it actively, so you may want to reconsider investing time in modifying it… This thread might be helpful: Who is who in JATS (2019)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks for your answer @asmecher, I will be checking.
@Vitaliy have any additional ideas?

I haven’t explored the code of the Lens Viewer. For the JATS Parser Plugin, I’m planning to address this but not in the near future.

Isn’t referencing style an XML issue not a lensGalley issue?

For a numbered reference you would have something like

<xref ref-type="bibr" rid="ref8">[8]</xref>

For APA or author-date references you’d have

`(Author et al., 2015)

with the reference list having something like

<ref id="ref8"> <label>8</label> <element-citation publication-type="journal"> ... </ref>


<ref id="author2015"> <element-citation publication-type="journal"> ... </ref>

In either case, lensGalley will render the file and the xrefs will work.