Quick Submit: Modify submission date

I want to set the submission date in the past when I insert a new article using the Quick Submit plugin.
According to this post OJS: Change Submission date there is an option for that, but I can’t see it.
I’m using OJS 3.1 with the latest version of the Quick Submit plugin.

Thank you.

Hi @alekstrust

The Quick Submit plugin was rewritten for OJS 3, and the submission date is now set to the date the submission is inserted using the plugin.

If you wanted to change this, the plugin could be modified by editing the form in the template and the QuickSubmitForm.inc.php form class.


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How could I do that?
What code modification should I do? I do not have so much knowledge about.

Hi @gabriellima

Everything dealing with that is in the QuickSubmitForm class that comes with the plugin. The line in question is here:

You’d need to change that to represent the date you’d like to use. It is potentially a bit involved since you’ll also need to modify templates and the various form methods to accept and read the new submission date.


I am also facing same problem with Quciksubmit released for OJS 3.1. I am not able to put old dates of the article as I recently migrated to OJS. Now date of publication is looking older than date of submission. Due to this problem journal integrity is damaged. Also I tried to correct ti through data bases. It is not working.

Hi all,
I think it is better to make as a feature request. For a newly migrated journal, option for setting the submission date of the published articles back to their original is crucial and should be available

I solved the problem of Submission date by doing following procedure-

  1. On control panel go to PHP admin to access the database.
  2. In database window do the search by key term ‘submission date’
    3.The link for database name will appear which you need to click.
  3. You will see the list of all articles with submission dates.
    5.Edit the submission dates there individually for articles you want.
  4. Click the save button.
  5. Check the new dates on web site.

One more thing you need to search database by key term submission date then only you will be able to reach that page and after reaching blank will appear and the top database hyperlink will be displayed that you need to click to reach table.

For more questions you can contact me at email id wsnpgs@gmail.com

related issue: [OJS] Modify submission date using QuickSubmit plugin · Issue #5418 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub