Problems with workflow in OJS 3.0

I wonder if someone using OJS 3.0 has any problems with the proceeding of workflow:

I have such a problem with one of our test submissions:

Here is what Copyeditor assigned to the submission sees:

And here is what the author of the submission sees:

And after the author clicks on the submission’s Copyediting link, he can’t see anything in the Copyediting stage of this submission:

The author role has permissions for all 4 stages of the workflow.

Why is this happening?

I have also a question why the Copyeditor doesn’t have access to the Metadata of the submission (Metadata don’t appear at the right top of the page)?


Hi @Anna,

we always see the Metadata Link on the top right in the Coyediting stage. Seems to be no general problem, mybe installation specific?


So, I just realized that the author should be added to the discussion to see posts.
Here is what I got after adding him as the Copyeditor, but still the submitted file isn’t visible to the author in Draft Files:

The author will see only those files that were uploaded in Copyditing Discussion panel. Which wasn’t quite obvious to me.

@sabrinaeck, thank you for information,
are you sure you see Metadata when you are logged in as a Copyeditor?
I have to be logged in as Journal Editor to see them


@ania, you are right - copyeditor seems to have no access to the metadata (I was logged in with multiple roles, thats why I could see MD). Even when allowing my copyeditor role to see the production level, Metadata is not available … so good question :slight_smile:


we have the same problem: In the state of copyediting there ist no file for copyediting.

The german translation of “Draft files” with “Endfassung” is confusing.

Hi @uwr,

Files should get into the Copyediting via one of two mechanisms – either by selecting them in the “Send to Copyediting” modal (this is a source of confusion that we’ll resolve in a forthcoming release) or by uploading them directly to the top list on your screenshot.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team