Problems setting up the DOI / CrossRef record in OJS 2.4.8

Dear Alec,

I need help because I upgraded the OJS version 2.3.8 to 2.4.8.
And I’m not able to finish the configuration of OJS, whenever I enter the
system to import / export, displays the following message: “… Data export
is currently unavailable Please check the plugin requirements”, click on
the option: "Set the CrossRef . export / registration plug-in here “,
and the following message appears:”. DOI Public Identifier plugin not
configured Enable and configure this plugin from the DOI Plugin Settings page
", go to this page and it’s all Ok I’m sending it. print screen.

Question: Is there a way I uninstall the plugin CrossRef and install again?
Could send me the plugin to install?

Thank you for your help.


Hi @prdr30,

Did you forget to include a screenshot?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I’m sorry.

Hi @prdr30,


  • that your publisher institution is set on Journal Setup, Step 1
  • that the file permissions in your cache/ directory are set correctly – you should be able to delete all .php files there and they will be re-generated as needed.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


I did what I said, deleted all .php files, but the message continues and now the screen appears as the attached figures.

Hi @prdr30,

That’s odd – what are all those extra symbols? Did you add some debugging outputs or something?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Alec,
If you want I can pass you the access to the system and link FTP journal.


Look that this error is to take the hat, I must have done something very wrong.

Hi @prdr30,

Generally any hands-on debugging would need to go through PKP Services, which aren’t free. But it looks to me like there have been some modifications to your system – all those extra + and * symbols definitely aren’t normal.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Alec,

I am clueless of what to do and how to solve. And now I think I got worse. Thank you so much for everything. Could you pass me the database structure with tables and fields, to see if there’s nothing wrong.

The extra + * and - symbols look distinctively like a failed patch. Note the leader of --- 1,36 ---- + + + +.

If I were you, I would do a database backup, then replace the code with a clean download from, then (re)run the upgrade script just to be sure.

Hi ctgraham,

I made a database backup and system and downloaded the full version of the system and performed the upgrade, but still the same thing, namely, the strange characters no longer appear, but does not finish the configuration of the DOI registration.

That error message really should only display if the DOI Prefix is not set for the Journal.

If you look at the database manually, do you see an entry in the plugin_settings table with no locale, and with a setting_name of ‘doiPrefix’, a plugin_name of ‘doipubidplugin’, and a journal_id that matches your current journal?

Hi ctgraham,

I am sending a print screen of these fields.

I’m thinking I must be missing any field in any table in the database or there is some xml file, locking settings.

Your setup looks correct from what you have shared.

What is pointing you toward a missing database field or xml file? Do you have any other error messages that might help debug the problem?

Hi ctgraham,

I created a new installation with the full version in a different area, but the error still, I believe that should be missing some record on the bench, could tell me what are the references to the registration or crossref doi in the database?
There is what I forgot to comment on is that I noticed that there is a specific XML file for the upgrade from version 2.3.8 to 2.4.8, I noticed this in the following way: dbscripts/xml/upgrade.

The database upgrade is triggered by either running the tools/upgrade.php script from the command line, or by turning installed = Off in and upgrading via the web interface. See the UPGRADE doc for more information.

The CrossRef plugin should be dependent on these items:

The error message in your screenshot is specific to the DOI plugin being disabled or missing the prefix. The database entries in your screenshot seem to indicate otherwise. It’s a bit baffling.

For clarity, my next step would be to add in some debugging statements (the error_log lines):

				// 1) missing DOI prefix
				$doiPrefix = null;
				$pubIdPlugins = PluginRegistry::loadCategory('pubIds', true);
                                error_log('Looking for DOI plugin...');
				if (isset($pubIdPlugins['DOIPubIdPlugin'])) {
                                        error_log('DOI plugin found, looking for prefix for journal '.$journal->getId());
					$doiPrefix = $pubIdPlugins['DOIPubIdPlugin']->getSetting($journal->getId(), 'doiPrefix');
                                error_log('The DOI prefix is: '.var_export($doiPrefix, true));
				if (empty($doiPrefix)) {
					$configurationErrors[] = DOI_EXPORT_CONFIGERROR_DOIPREFIX;

Then, visit the page, and finally look in your webserver’s error log to find if the system is misinterpreting the ‘enabled’ setting or the ‘doiPrefix’ setting.

Hi ctgraham,
You have some files in the DOI directory that with .rej extension, would like to send me the DOI plugin crossref? so would test uninstall and install again.

It sounds like you have a failed patch-based upgrade.

Earlier, you indicated that you performed a full package upgrade. The instructions for that are here:

If you copied just the public directory and into the clean download from the PKP website, it shouldn’t be possible to have .rej files.

Can you confirm the full package upgrade?