Problem with displaying special symbols after upgrading to OJS 3.0.2

Hi there!
I have updated from OJS 3.0.1 to 3.0.2. Now instead all n-dashes and special symbols (e.g. Polish ó, cyrillics etc.) there are “?” symbols. You can see it here

How can I fix this? Because there were no such problem with OJS 3.0.1

Upd. I even can not open metadata via OJS panel to fix this specsymbols, because metadata just do not appear.


Hi @novikoffav,

Did you accidentally change some aspects of your during the upgrade, e.g. the character set configuration?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher
No, I just changed passwords, paths and other required fields.

I think that problem is with incorrect upgrading. Because after pushing the button “Upgrade” I received just blank screen. So, I changed Off to On and such monster website appeared.
Actually, I do not understand the moment “Synchronize new changes from to” from instruction. What I have to do with I just left it unchanged.

UPD. I also see that my CSS is not working anymore.
UPD 2. On smartphone, the menu subitems of “About” (i.e. Editoral Team and other) are inactive. I can access them only after long holding → open in new window / open.

Dear @asmecher,
I checked file and there were really missed fields in character configuration. I set them to UTF-8, so now website looks good and Metadata work well. But: 1) CSS still does not work; 2) Issue with smartphones/tablets is the same.

Do I need to duplicate all preferences from to config.TEMPLATE.config, or have I leave the last file unchanged?

Thanks for help!

The file “” is used only as an example for configuration. You don’t want to make changes to this file.

Rather, when a new version comes out, you want to look in for new configuration options that need to be added to your

Can you describe the CSS issue in more detail? It would probably be best to create a new forum topic to discuss what you are expecting and what you are seeing.

Some changes were made to the menu function for mobile devices in 3.0.2. Please review this thread:

If you think this is not working as expected, or could be further enhanced, it might be best to followup that discussion there.

Dear @ctgraham,
Thank you a lot for explanations! I will make new topic for CSS issue.