Problem of file association with respective chapters in OMP3.2.0-2

Dear @Dulip_Withanage, @NateWr & @asmecher;
Thanks for releasing a new update. I just made a fresh test installation of OMP3.2.0.2 and found the issue in file association as reported in the previous version as well-

  1. When we associate a file with any chapter it gets saved but at the same time other files associated with other chapter get removed and hence file can be associated for one chapter only. This problem was already reported by me and others (here & here) in the previous version too. This is a critical issue as unable to associate all available files with their respective chapters.
  2. Another problem I noticed in this version that files of all stages (submission, copyediting, production and publication format) appear in the list when open any chapter to associate file. At this stage, only those files should appear which has been selected in the publication format.

Hi @aabahishti,

thanks for reporting.

Question 1: I have also tested the issue in the master branch and filed an issue here.

Question 2: Listing all the files from any stage in the chapter stage, may be a little difficult to oversee, but it may also give a press manager or production-editor to possibly see duplicate files on the system. Therefore I would not treat this as a issue until the usability of this is discussed in a broad perspective.