OMP 3.2.0-1 problem with PDF chapter and Spotlights


  1. Have any of you tested adding PDF chapters to OMP 3.2.0-1?
    When I associate the first chapter with a PDF file - everything works ok, but when I combine a PDF with the second chapter, the PDF selection in the first one is deselected.

As a result, if I have 4 chapters - the PDF file is displayed at the last one. Other files on the right below the PDF of the full text of the monograph

  1. Spotlights title search does not work.

I`ve a new clean installation.

Did you find any solution to this? I also have the same problem and posted in this thread but no luck yet.


No, I’m still waiting for the solution because it is clearly a programming error.


Thanks fr the report. I have filed a issue for this in the pkp-lib.