Portico deposit error while depositing an single/multiple issue

*Currently, I have received the user name and password from Portico after a successful agreement. i enter the hostname , username, and password provided by Portico.

Endpoint #1

Server Type: sftp.portico.org
Username: 000000
Password: 000000
Path: 22

But the deposit was not successful and i received an error givien below, I contacted Portico. Portico instructed me to delete the path: 22. but the problem was not resolved.

I am currently using OJS version OJS The OJS has saved the setting, but when we tried to deposit some issues/single to Portico version, it failed and mentioned the following error on the webpage:

“The Page is not working”
www.website name.net is currently unable to handle this request HTTP ERROR 500

We have asked the Protico support team and they told us to consult with you.
The competent authority is requested to provide and assist with technical support.

Hi @Syed_Aftab_AhmedTM

there are a few things at play here. The path shouldn’t be 22, as that’s the server port, not the path. Your path should just be a single / character.

If you’re getting server 500 errors, you will want to look in your own server error logs and see if PHP is generating “Fatal Errors”. For SFTP connections to work in PHP, you’ll need to have the php7 ssh modules enabled. Your systems admin may need to do this.


Hi @jnugent,
We experienced the same issue. In our case, the problem was a bug in the portico import/export plugin - line 242 of PorticoExportDom.inc.php. It doesn’t like returning NULL. I hacked the plugin as a workaround, but wanted to bring it to somebody’s attention.