PN Plugin Deposit Errors

Hi all,

Having some trouble with getting the PN plugin working. Using OJS 3.3.0-15 with v. of the PN plugin. Initially the plugin was failing to connect with the Preservation Network; we had to do some database column remediation to get it to where it would package up issues for transmission. Before the holidays, we were seeing a “In Progess” message that looked normal, so we waited.

Upon returning from the holidays on Tuesday, we were seeing messages that our issues had failed the staging server’s antivirus checks. This really puzzled us, but we ran different antiviral scans on our issues just in case, and they came up clean. I resubmitted one of the 3 issues as a test and we waited.

Today, it looks as though all 3 issues seem to have been resubmitted, even though I only reset one of them. The antivirus errors are gone, but they are now all showing a status of “Deposit failed, ensure it didn’t exceed the maximum size supported by the Preservation Network.” This puzzles us again, because the issues, while in both PDF and HMTL formats, don’t seem to be particularly large.

The plugin’s latest log is as follows:

[2024-01-04 17:25:17]
[2024-01-04 17:25:17] [Notice] Task process started.
[2024-01-04 17:25:18] [Notice] PKP Preservation Network Processor
[2024-01-04 17:25:18] [Notice] Depositor processing for Penn State Journal of Medicine.
[2024-01-04 17:25:18] [Notice] Getting service document.
[2024-01-04 17:25:18] [Notice] Processing new content.
[2024-01-04 17:25:19] [Notice] Processing updated content.
[2024-01-04 17:25:19] [Notice] Packaging content for deposit.
[2024-01-04 17:25:19] [Notice] Processing deposit status updates.
[2024-01-04 17:25:19] [Notice] Trying status update for 1 (Issue: 3075) (Local Status: [Transferred], Processing Status: [Received], Lockss Status: [Unknown])
[2024-01-04 17:25:19] [Notice] Processing status got for 1 -> (deposit-error)
[2024-01-04 17:25:19] [Notice] Trying status update for 2 (Issue: 3106) (Local Status: [Transferred], Processing Status: [Received], Lockss Status: [Unknown])
[2024-01-04 17:25:20] [Notice] Processing status got for 2 -> (deposit-error)
[2024-01-04 17:25:20] [Notice] Trying status update for 3 (Issue: 3126) (Local Status: [Transferred], Processing Status: [Received], Lockss Status: [Unknown])
[2024-01-04 17:25:20] [Notice] Processing status got for 3 -> (deposit-error)
[2024-01-04 17:25:20] [Notice] Sending deposits to the PKP PN.
[2024-01-04 17:25:20] [Notice] Pruning orphaned deposits.
[2024-01-04 17:25:20] [Notice] Task process stopped.

Any help would be appreciated. The journal issues in question are at (If it makes any difference, the issues are presented as individual articles rather than full issue files.) Many thanks in advance.

Hi @cjw36!

Both, the “virus error” and the “deposit error” were internal errors, and they were already addressed (the latter today), you don’t need to do anything on your side, just wait until the next synchronization (it happens once per day).

I’d like to know more about the problem you had with the database column. Did you upgrade the plugin using the Plugin Gallery?

Jonas Raoni

Greetings, @jonasraoni ,

Many thanks for your swift reply and for addressing the errors! It’s a relief to know that the problem doesn’t seem to be with our issue content. We will await the next sync and see what happens.

As for the database column problems, they were multiple. We used advice here to fix one of them, but there were one or two more similar fixes that needed to be made, if I recall, and several other table-related things that also needed addressing with the journal issues themselves, some of which I believe were revealed via errors from Native XML plugin exports. I’m not certain whether our developer used the Plugin Gallery to install/upgrade or if he did so from CLI; in either event he would have automated the upgrade, as we run more than 30 containerized instances of OJS and use custom scripting to keep all of them synced up with one another.

Very best, and thanks again for the quick action,

Thanks! So perhaps the plugin wasn’t upgraded properly by your developer, some code was added to fix those errors (pln/classes/migration/upgrade at stable-3_3_0 · pkp/pln · GitHub).

Jonas Raoni

@jonasraoni It’s been a number of days now and we’re still seeing an “In Progress” status after each daily cron. Could you kindly check into the status of our deposits? Our thanks in advance.

Hi @cjw36,

One of the nodes that make up the preservation network is having issues, once it gets back to normal, the status will be changed. You don’t need to do anything on your side.

Jonas Raoni

OK, my thanks again, @jonasraoni, we will await the resolution of those issues.

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