Plum Analytics Plugin for OJS

I’m using OJS The published articles have DOIs. I tried to install the “Plum Analytics Artifact Widget” downloaded from, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work. I can see the Plugin in the list of Generic Plugins; I can enable it; but cannot see any Block in the Setup 5.6 Journal Layout section. In the setting of the Plugin, I used various combinations of available options without any success. Any comments?


How did you install the plugin? If you manually copied the files into the plugins/generic directory, did you run the upgrade.php script afterward? If you installed the plugin via the “Install a new Plugin” link, this step is run for you.

What selection are you using for the “Display Widget” in the plugin settings?

Thank you very much for the comments. I have just access to the OJS and cPanel of the server. But, I have no access to command prompt. Therefore, I cannot use the mentioned commands. However, I manually installed the Plugin and upgraded my OJS. It works now. Thank you.

I tried various options of the Plugin. That’s very interesting. However, to see the PlumX metrics for each article, we have to go to its Abstract page. I wonder if it is possible to add a PlumX metrics logo just next to the title of each article in the Table of Contents so that we can have a pop up version of the metrics in the TOC page. I presume that I have to add some codes to the “issue.tpl” but I don’t know which code and where! Any suggestions?

This will largely depend on exposing the Article’s DOI to the javascript for PlumX. There is discussion of exposing the Article DOI to the table of contents here:

If you are handy with PHP and Smarty templates, you could follow the instructions there and the example of the currently plugin to make that happen.