PKP PLN--out of pilot?

Is PKP PLN out of pilot and ready for all to use yet? If yes, can someone point me in the right direction to sign up? If no, any idea when it will be ready?

Hi @nla,

We are not out of pilot yet, despite the fact that we “launched” the PLN service in August. We are now preparing for our last set of tests with the pilot members, and intend to have these complete by the latter half of January, with a full launch by Feb. 1.

If you are running OJS 2.4.7-1 now, have an ISSN, and are able to accept the terms of use for the PKP PLN, go ahead and do so. Once we allow non-pilot members into the network, your journal will start making deposits automatically at that time.

PKP Team Member


And now? Is it out of pilot?
I have another question, is it free?

Yes to both questions. You need to be running OJS version 2.4.8 however. Once you upgrade to that, and enable the PKP PLN plugin and accept the terms of use, OJS will start to create deposits automatically and move them into the PLN.