Optional option for Shibboleth in OJS 3

Hi there,

We’re looking to upgrade from OJS 2 to OJS 3, but we really need to have Shibboleth as optional, allowing local and Shibboleth logins. I see from this post (Shibboleth Plugin in OJS 3 - #2 by ctgraham) that as of May 2019 the Shibboleth plugin is currently ‘All or Nothing’.

My question is, is there currently anyone working on enabling the optional setting in the Shibboleth plugin? If not, could I take the task and implement it? One of my coworkers worked on the original optional functionality back in OJS 2, so I have a good knowledge base to draw from. Cheers.

  • Lenny

I’m not aware of anyone actively working on this. Please do feel free to pick up the implementation.

If you have any questions regarding the implementation in 3.x, feel free to post here, or tag some of us on GitHub.

Hey, thanks. I’ve finished off some work I needed to do before I started working on this. The next couple of weeks (I am unsure how long it will take) will be dedicated to working on the Shibboleth plugin. I’m sure I’ll hit some of y’all up for pointers at some point. Cheers!

Looking forward to it!

What’s the best place to communicate with other devs? Would it be this forum or is there an IRC channel or Slack channel?

There is a Slack channel for contributors to the project. If you agree to the Code of Conduct (already part of participation in this forum), and the Contributor License Agreement, direct message me an email where you would like the Slack invite sent.

Awesome that’d be great. I’ve read over the conduct and agreement and I’m happy to abide by them both. I’ll shoot you a PM now. Cheers.