Omp, inconsistent published and forthcoming status

omp, inconsistent published and forthcoming status,.

after publishing the monograph, the status of the article sometimes show published, sometime show forthcoming.

although i use the same setup for the monograph, the result is sometime its published sometimes it show forthcoming

what is the setting that trigger for the monograph to be published or to be forthcoming


Hi @mohd_arshad,

I’m not quite sure I follow you - can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing to give me a better sense of the issue. I can then take a look on our test instance to compare what is happening.

PKP Team

Hi @mohd_arshad

I have had similar issues when played/changed some date format settings. First, you check the published date if it is before the current. Then try to change date format settings. That helped to me.

Regards, Primož

here is the screenshot…
fortcoming date6 forthcoming date1 forthcoming date2 forthcoming date3 forthcoming date4 forthcoming date5

if i insert the date 20xx-01-27… it will show forthcoming… but i i put 20xx-01-10 it will show published. although all the date is back dated… should all be published? not forthcoming?

i have test at omp pkp demo but cannot reproduce it but the version is not the same with me… i cannot upgrade to latest version because of php7.2 only… the it admin dont want to install new php.

Hi @mohd_arshad,

Thanks for sharing. I see what you mean - that doesn’t look right at all. Have you tried the suggestion from the primoz offered above?

PKP Team

Yes i think thats the easy solution i can do… until i upgraded to latest version i will choose a date that will show published.