Inconsistent "Published" and "Forthcoming" status in OMP

We recently upgraded to OMP After doing so, we discovered that some published books now show not as “Published” but as “Forthcoming” with their past publication dates. Not all books are affected, however. For example, this book published last February displays correctly as “Published”, but this one published last October shows as “Forthcoming”, despite correctly displaying its date of publication.

This issue was reported and marked resolved for OMP, but clearly is still present in the current version. The solution listed in the prior thread involved changing the date display settings, but I have changed these in our site to no avail. Some users in the previous thread found that changing the publication date for their books resolved the issue. I have tried unpublishing a book, changing its date, changing the date back, and republishing it, but this has no effect. I am loathe to start falsifying publication dates on materials already in distribution just to try to appease the system.

Is anyone else experiencing this in the current version? Any light that could be shed on the issue would be much appreciated.