OJS3 usageStats question

Hi everybody!
i need help for the usageStats in OJS3, because the system create files .log into usageEventLogs folder but don’t process. How can fix it?

Thanks in advance.


There are some other similar questions on the forum, including:

What do you see in your installation if you walk through the advice there?

Thank you for you help.

  1. In DB table scheduled_tasks:
    plugins.generic.usageStats.UsageStatsLoader 2017-07-25 10:08:02

  2. The strange thing is that there is not scheduledTaskLogs folder (in the files_dir).

Usage Statistics and Acron plugin are enabled in administrator profile.

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Does your web user have permission to write to the files_dir and all subdirectories? It may be that the system is trying to create the “scheduledTasksLogs” folder but failing. What user and permissions are applied to the files_dir (and each subdirectory)?

I tried enable and disable Acron, UsageStats plugins and when it was time for run routine it worked and it has elaborated files .log. But, for another our journal, instead, after updated OJS from 2.4.8 to 3.0.2, it maked files .log but it did not elaborate them.


I’m still not clear on whether your user and group ownership and your permissions are correct for your files_dir and for the ‘scheduledTaskLogs’ folder under files_dir.

If there are permissions problems, I would expect errors to show up in your webserver or php error logs.

Hi @ctgraham i observed that not is present “Usagestatisticsfileloadertask-597ed3f3e745c-20170731.log” file in “scheduledTaskLogs” folder, and i do not know why…

Please look at the user and group ownership for files_dir and report that here. Please also report the file permissions for this directory.

Also, look in your webserver’s error log for any relevant the PHP errors. Check for the time of the last run of plugin as reported in the scheduled_tasks database table, and paste errors from that time in the logs here.

Hi @ctgraham, all I can know is that the “files” folder is 777, i do not know where to view the PHP server log error sorry, the last run of plugin scheduled_tasks on the database table is 2017-7-12. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your support

The file permissions of 777 are generally not safe to use. You should consider this forum post to ensure your file ownership and permissions are securely configured.

Check with your system administrator or hosting support regarding the location of the error log. Without knowing what errors are being logged, you are flying blind.