OJS3 Forward Review Form to Author

Hello there,

as we all know, OJS provides the feature to forward a file a reviewer has uploaded directly to the author (article status → Review → Request Revisions → check “Attachments” box → Record)

Yet what I have not found and would be useful is a feature to forward the review form if there is one. Did I miss something or do we really have to just copy&paste the content of the form into an e-mail?
We use three dropdown choice fields (which are of limited interest), but also three free-text-fields where the reviewer regularly provides relevant input for the authors revisions …

Thank you for a hint -

Hi @Jesaiah,

That should already be working in any recent release – is it possible that you didn’t configure your form elements with the “Included in message to author” checkbox?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Yes, you are absolutely right … I am obviously blind. Sorry!

We are using 3.1.1 and selected double-blind review and then added the used the “include in message to author” checkbox.
The review form is not being released to the author.
U of Victoria

Hi @ikehoe,

Is this the same inquiry as Review Form & Sending Feedback?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Yes, it is. we are trying to get a resolution to the issue as soon as possible because we are trying to handle the review process for a conference.