OJS3.3.0-6 Back issue operations error

Please see picture:


here i use edit as an example, but all other function returns same error.

i noticed the link calling is

which ofc returns a null value:
{“status”:false,“content”:“Invalid issue requested!”,“elementId”:“0”,“events”:null}

the issue actual id is 8125

this gives:

{“status”:true,“content”:"<script type=“text/javascript”>\n\t// Attach the JS file tab handler.\n\t$(function() {\n\t\t$(’#editIssueTabs’).pkpHandler(’$.pkp.controllers.TabHandler’);\n\t});\n</script>\n<div id=“editIssueTabs”>\n\t

Current thinking is:

because of changing

protected function loadData($request, $filter) {

from return $issueDao->getPublishedIssues($journal->getId());
to return $issueDao->getPublishedIssues($journal->getId())->toArray();

Where the loadData returns now an array instead of ID, that is why the above grid think the issue id is 1?

What code i could change regarding this?

Hi @mapress888,

It looks like you’re right about it being related to the loadData function in BackIssueGridHandler. Later functions expect the issue ID to be included as part of an associative array.

Try changing

return $issueDao->getPublishedIssues($journal->getId())->toArray();



Hope that helps!


PKP Team

@ewhanson it works! thank you very much. I have another problem with XML exporter, i will open a new post.