[OJS3.1] How to Add Contributor Role to QuickSubmit Plugin

Hi @bozana, @asmecher and all,

we would like to add »guest editor« as a possible contributor role to the QuickSubmit plugin. I couldn’t figure out how to do this. Could someone help me with this?


Users & Roles => Roles
Click the blue triangle in the front of the role name => Edit
Select “Show role title in contributor list” and save.

Have not tested this, but should probably work.

Thanks @ajnyga, that was my first thought either, but it doesn’t work (should have mentioned this, sorry!).

And to add: author’s and translator’s »Show role title in contributor list« is unchecked by default and they show up in the contributor’s list in QuickSubmit plugin.

Ok, I see. See also Role details: Show role title in contributor list

@asmecher this is probably a bug? Note that in the thread it is mentioned that the selection works for totally new roles, but not the default ones.

This option means that the user role will be displayed next to the user name, i.e. Bozana Bokan (Author). Currently it seems to only be used in the function Submission::getAuthorString and e.g. displayed in the TOC. Also, in the author metadata form only the ROLE_ID_AUTHOR is considered, i.e. Author and Translator per default and then probably also new roles based on that user group. Thus, currently it seems that this option makes sense only for author role/user group…
Maybe it was actually meant to be different and for this option to provide something else – maybe @asmecher knows, but… currently, looking at code this is so…

Hi all,

My (hazy) recollection of the “Show role title in contributor list” checkbox is that it allows for the person to be credited for their work on the article in the contributor list (i.e. author’s list), but with some indication that they aren’t a co-author.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Furthermore: ROLE_ID_AUTHOR seemes not to be permitted to revise reviewer documents (and maybe some other things?). So changing Guest Editor to ROLE_ID_AUTHOR is not that easy …

Thanks for your input.