Role details: Show role title in contributor list

Hi, I have this question:

In Roles, when you edit a role, appear this option “Show role title in contributor list”, but I can’t find any difference in any place. What do this option?


Go to a submission or make a new submission.

In the submission metadata select “Add contributor”. In the contributor form that is being opened theres is a selection in the end of the form. By default you have Author and Translator there.

Have not tested, but I think that selection controls whether the role is mentioned there?

thanks @ajnyga , you are right! but this option is not working for default roles is only for new roles, which is good because cannot affect the functionality of OJS but I think maybe could be hidden for default roles to avoid misunderstandings

Hi all,

This option is actually something else: it means that the user role will be displayed next to the user name, i.e. Bozana Bokan (Author). Currently it seems to only be used in the function Submission::getAuthorString and e.g. displayed in the TOC. Also, in the author metadata form only the ROLE_ID_AUTHOR is considered, i.e. Author and Translator per default (and probably new roles based on that author group). Thus, currently it seems that this option makes sense only for an author role/user group…