OJS language identificator in url

Hi, Is there a way to setup ojs to show current language in url. Something like



Or something else?

OJS stores the selected language in the user’s session, and it will only appear on the URL when changing the language.

What are you trying to accomplish? Are you are trying to process the webserver logs to see what languages are in use at your journal?

No, the request came from the chief editors of the journals we host, they say that they need separate links for articles on Serbian and English so they can register them for DOI. I’m not very familiar with multilingual DOI concept, although I know that OJS store language information for articles as meta tags (if I’m not wrong).

If you upload both a Serbian galley and an English galley for your Article, you will have unique URLs for each file.

You can configure the DOI Pub Id plugin to provide DOIs for each of these Galleys. See Journal Manager > System Plugins > Public Identifier Plugins > DOI Settings.

FYI, this issue is somewhat related to this: Ensure that all languages are indexable by crawlers · Issue #699 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub