OJS Keep Redirect to Login Page when using chrome

I use chrome and my OJS is still in version 2.4.x
Just today, when I try to log in using correct user and password, the OJS system redirect me back to login page without any error message.
But if it is a wrong user/password, than it shows the error login message. I tried using IE ver 11, it experience the same problem.
I found this issue, but it didn’t provide solution.
Another site suggest to clear cache, site data of chrome browser. It still didn;t work.
If I login using different machine, it works just find. I think there’s a problem either in the chrome or the ojs system that I have.

Hi @karnova,

What specific version of OJS are you using?

Did you try turning off session_check_ip per the other thread?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I use 2.4.x.x
I try fix the problem by turning off the session_check_ip, it works. Thanks