[OJS] changing primary locale in OJS-3.1 makes submission metadata inaccessible

After an upgrade from an existing journal from OJS-2.4.8-3 to OJS-3.1.1-4 (without any errors in the upgrade output), I notice how changing the primary locale makes the submissions’ metadata (partly) inaccessible in the journal’s administrator interface.

[1] Original situation: primary locale = NL_nl (unchanged)


When viewing a submission’s metadata via the “Metadata” link at the top of a submission’s workflow page in the OJS admin interface, all metadata are filled out:


[2] Changing the primary locale to EN_us


After a change of the primary locale, the submission’s metadata become inaccessible in the journal’s administrator interface:


Yet, if that same submission is viewed in the journal’s front-end, all metadata still do show up correctly:


Also, editing the missing title and abstract in the journal’s administrator interface is impossible, throwing an error stating that a title and abstract must be provided (in Dutch, probably):


The “(Nederlands)” part in that error message seems to suggest that language settings may be at play. Changing back the primary locale to “NL_nl” makes the metadata visible and editable again.

Hi @rvdb, do you think this post can be the answer to the issue you are facing?

Ah, thanks for the hint, @jamshidhashimi. My confusion was caused by the fact that in the language settings, I hadn’t ticked “Submissions” for the different locales.

In my example, selecting English as the primary locale did the right thing: since “Submissions” was not selected for English, the metadata entry field in the administrator interface didn’t display either:

  • the existing Dutch metadata (since English was now selected)
  • the option to store English metadata (since English was not selected for “Submissions”)

Ticking the “Submissions” box for both locales solved the confusion: now the metadata entry form both displays the original Dutch metadata and offers the choice for adding English metadata.

So, the behaviour was logical after all, if you get the logic first; thanks for helping me grasp it :wink:

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