OJS and Yahoo/AOL DMARC (2.4.3)


Looking for some advice re sending mail to Yahoo/AOL, now that they have their wonderful DMARC policy. Currently outgoing mail is sent as though it were from the user via Mandrill which means that for the vast majority of domains, its fine. But Yahoo and AOL are actively blocking this if the OJS user is using a ymail, yahoo or aol domain. Is there a way to make OJS send from a central user (like a noreply@) ?


The latest versions of OJS (2.4.6 and higher) are now compliant with SPF. See:

It looks like an upgrade is in your future.

Presumably I could also attempt to backport: *8085* *8966* patch OJS for SPF-compatibility, c.f. http://pkp.sfu.ca… · ulsdevteam/ojs@bdcc289 · GitHub

That would be a start.

I can’t cite them off the top of my head, but I believe there are a couple of bugfixes and enhancements that are SPF-related beyond that initial commit that have been added to the latest dev.

My OJS is version 2.4.8-1. As ctgraham said, my version should be SPF complient, but it is not. I’m still having problems with yahoo emails. I can see that the emails sent from my system still have the field “From” filled in instead of “ReplyTo”.

Am I missing something here? Is it suposed to be like that?

Looking at my OJS code it doesn’t look like this. Should I backport it?

Latest follow up is here: