Is SPF working in OJS 2.4.8-1 as mentioned in the FAQ?

Acording to this link: FAQ - SPF, it is said that since OJS 2.4.6 should be a field “email header” on Ojs step 1.4 and also the emails should be sent with the “ReplyTo” filled in. When I look at my OJS 2.4.8-1 I can’t find these changes. I’ve looked at tags ojs-2_4_5-0, ojs-2_4_8-1, and branches ojs-stable-2_4_8, ojs-dev-2_4 but there wasn’t big changes in the files that would reflect these changes.

Here in this forum there is this topic (yahoo-dmarc), which a user show this code that seems to be a fork from Pitsburgh Univesity that reflects this changes mentioned in the pkp FAQ.

My question is:
Did I make any mistake when look for the changes? Can I apply the changes mentioned here? Will pkp apply this code later in the future?

Please can anyone clarify this to me?

There were several iterations of SPF/DMARC implementation in OJS 2.4.x.

On top of OJS 2.4.8-2 we are also running with this change:

It gives the ‘force_default_envelope_sender’ option the action of again putting the from as a reply-to. Unfortunately, we’ve also seen that some email clients (or email users?) do not honor the reply-to.

This change is proposed to go into OJS core.

I’m still having problem, even with this new code, when i’m sending an email with a user that uses a domain from OJS.

When I turn on “allow envelop sender” and/or “force default envelop sender” I get the error:
OJS SMTPMailer: Did not receive expected 250 or 251

It seems that the only code that worked for me (almost all the time) was this: *8085* *8966* patch OJS for SPF-compatibility, c.f.… · ulsdevteam/ojs@bdcc289 · GitHub

I still haven’t tried the DKIM signatures because I don’t know much about it. Do you think DKIM will help me in this scenario?