[OJS] Add checkbox in registration page


We are looking to add checkbox options in the registration form for OJS.

It should look like this:

What is your favorite journal?

  • Journal A
  • Journal B
  • Journal C
  • Others: _________

Any idea how to implement this into the existing registration page?


p/s: There is a similar post in this forum but it’s related to OCS instead of OJS. Can I request for this feature as well?

Hi @yhwong,

For OJS 2.x, you’d need to work with…

  • The Smarty template: templates/user/register.tpl
  • The registration form class: classes/user/form/RegistrationForm.inc.php

Depending where you want to save the data – probably the user_settings table? – you’ll probably also want to add a new field using the UserDAO::getAdditionalFieldNames function.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team