OJS 3 theme is not working in PHP 7

Hello to you all.

We have this problem in which our theme is working just fine in our production site, but this site is runing on PHP 5.6, which is outdated.

We want to upgrade to PHP 7, and we had install OJS 3.1.2 with PHP 7.2 in our dev site.

The problem comes in the public site of our dev site. There’s no frontend at all. I have tried like 5 different themes for OJS 3.1.1+ or 3.1+ that I saw in another thread, but none of those are working.

There’s a guide to develop a new theme for OJS 3.1.2+? Or there’s something that we need to know or change for the theme to work?

Thanks in advance.

Can You check with default theme of the OJS (to rule out any issue with the theme itself) and driver setting in config.inc.php file under ::database settings:: driver = mysqli

Hi there,

OJS 3.1.2 introduced Smarty V3 and so many themes needed a rework and small modifications to get working correctly again. You may want to look in your PHP error logs to find out what the cause is, exactly.