OJS 3 Italian translation

Hi to all,
I am opening this new thread about OJS 3 Italian translation after some posts by @fpianz and @mtub, here, trying to organize the effort by people interested in this topic.



Hi @marchitelli @mtub,

I’m in, count on me. A few days ago me and @Nicola_Cavalli started working on the translation. We realized that many keys are missing in the xml files in the ojs/locale/it_IT/ folder of the master branch.
We tried to import the old files from the branch ojs-stable-2_4_8 but still some keys are missing. So we decided to browse all the pages (in Italian) of a test journal we created and to write down all the missing keys. We’ve almost finished mapping it so we’ll soon have a list of all the keys that need to be translated and added to the xml files. Once we are ready we can share the list and each one of us can contribute to a part of the translation.
How does it sound for you?


I agree that a visual/manual check on the GUI is the best way to catch the strings that miss translation.

If you want, when you completed the check, I can add to the XML and commit the strings that you want to add, if you send that set to me.

Otherwise, let me know how can I help


We finished the check and are now translating the missing keys. As soon as we are done I’ll send you the file so you can add them to the xml.


@mtub @Nicola_Cavalli
I’ve finished translating the missing keys, here is the file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7ErwQYREn0vTHY4V1d4Z0NycTA
@marchitelli can you take care of adding them to the XML files?

@marchitelli did u have the chance to add the missing keys to the XML files?

H @fpianz, it is a long work, since the translations strings are scattered in lot of files, so I should find the right file where to copy the single translation keys…

Maybe the best thing to do is use the translation plugin, as suggested by @mtub

If you want, I can give you an access to my instance and allow to you to translate directly on it

ok, let’s try with the plugin, can u give me access to that? thanks

Hello, I am looking for the translation plugin in the OJS 3 interface, but I can not find it.

Maybe @mtub can help me?


The Translator plugin is not included in the default download package, but you should now be able to install it via the plugin gallery.

Hi @ctgraham I found the plugin gallery, but I can not find any plugin

If I try to search, OJS always says ‘No Items’


Hmmm… the next fallback position would be to download the current release as linked from Github, then use the “Upload a new Plugin” tool in OJS3.

Hi all,

FYI, I haven’t yet updated the plugin gallery to include the translator plugin, but it’s on my to-do list!

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I downloaded the zip file from github and tried to upload to OJS3.
I got this error “The uploaded plugin archive does not contain a folder that corresponds to the plugin name.”
So I uncompressed the zip, renamed the directory to “translator” and re-zipped, but I still got the same error.

Before to do this, just to be sure, I completely reinstalled from the scratch OJS3.0.0 (I am running OJS on postgres)


I got this same error when using the automatically named link from GitHub, and from using the [packages filed under releases] (Releases · pkp/translator · GitHub), but when I renamed the directory in the tgz under releases, it seemed happy with the name.

I have downloaded from the link the package translator-ojs-3_0_0-0.zip and I have the same error message when importing it. I’m not sure to understand what you mean by renaming the directory under releases. I’ve changed it to translator.zip but still doesn’t work.


Try extracting the contents of the tgz or zip, or opening it in a compatible tool. You should see the contents are in a folder named “translator-ojs-3_0_0-0”.

If you have opened the file in place, (for example, using the zip in Windows Explorer), you can rename this folder within the archive to “translator”.

If you have extracted the files, you can rename the folder to “translator” and then re-compress the extracted files.

Use the new zip or tgz archive with the changed folder name.

That was quick ! Thanks.

The work can began.


I wondered if I could be of any help. I’m currently working on two ITA/ENG OJS3.0.2 journals and I’m translating lot of stuff. It is not clear to me if/how I can propose translations or upload exported translations I’ve already made.
I’d be glad to join the work.

I needed a more complete Italian translation and used
@fpianz file to generate a XML local file, complemented with some other missing keys.

All translated keys are in the same file, and some may be not very well translated. Not ideal but solved my problems with OJS 3.1

File is available at https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ronniebrito/primordialsoup/master/it_IT/locale.xml