Hello @marc

What do you think is the best way to produce XML-JATS over OJS?

Thank you.

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Hi @juanito

A few years ago, when I published the “Who’s Who in JATS” series of articles, I was quite clear on what is feasible and would have been able to answer your question.

Right now, I’m not as informed, but the feeling I get (and I apologize in advance if what I say is not accurate) is that the scenario hasn’t changed a lot since 2019.

I know that since then, @Dulip_Withanage has improved the lens plugins for JATS and BITS, and also made some bugfixing over Texture.
I also know that @Vitaliy (to whom I want to send a big hug) has been working to improve the DOCX to JATS converter.

While in 2019 everything seemed to be going very fast, the consortium working to develop Texture disbanded and it was a pity because it was a tool in which we had high hopes.

Coko foundation has released editoria and as they need a JATS editor, they are building something new on top of a previous tool called prosemirror. PKP is in contact with them (@NateWr is following the project) but I think the leadership of that development lies with Coko and I don’t think we will see anything solid ported to PKP for at least a couple of years.

Also, it seems that in Europe there are several independent projects underway that, maybe, in a year or two will deliver results to the community (latex to JATS workflows, PDF and HTML converters, JATS validators…).

But “I play by ear” and (again) I have to admit that I am a bit out of touch with the subject and maybe others can help you more than me.

Let’s see if with the mentions someone can correct/expand on what has been said.

Best regards,

Hola @juanito

Hace unos años, cuando publicamos la serie de artículos de “Quién es quién en JATS”, tenía bastante claro lo que es factible y hubiese podido responder a tu pregunta.

Ahora mismo, ya no estoy igual de informado, pero la sensación que tengo (y me disculpo por anticipado si lo que digo no es acertado) es que el escenario no ha variado mucho desde 2019.

Se que desde entonces, Dulip ha mejorado los plugins de lens para JATS y BITS.
También se que Vitaliy (a quién aprovecho para enviar un fuerte abrazo) ha estado trabajando para mejorar el conversor de DOCX a JATS.

En el 2019 todo parecía que iba a ir muy rápido pero el consorcio que trabajaba para desarrollar Texture se desmanteló y fué una lástima pq. era una herramienta en la que teníamos depositadas grandes esperanzas. Coko foundation ha liberado editoria y como necesitan un editor JATS, están construyendo algo nuevo sobre un herramienta previa llamada prosemirror. PKP está en contacto con ellos pero creo que el liderazgo de ese desarrollo recae en Coko y no creo que veamos nada portado a PKP hasta dentro de al menos un par de años.

Además, parece que en europa hay varios proyectos independientes en marcha que, tal vez, en un año o dos ofrecerán resultados a la comunidad (workflows de latex a JATS, conversores a PDF y HTML, validadores de JATS…).

Pero “toco de oído” y (de nuevo) he de reconocer que estoy un poco desconectado del tema y tal vez otros te pueden ayudar más que yo.

A ver si con las menciones alguien puede corregir/ampliar lo dicho.

Un saludo,


Because the question was so broad and I thought it was good to give some context, but now I thought maybe it’s better if we do it the other way around:

What do you need to do with JATS?

Because there are things that are working (and working very well) and if you make the question a bit more concrete, maybe we can all give you a better answer.

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Hi @marc

Do you know Typeset?

They provide file converters that meet PubMed criteria and are compatible with OJS.

We have the same question as juanito, because XML-JATS is one of the PubMed criteria to be indexed in full text PubMed.

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Yes, they are one among many.
There are several companies that offer this service.
A search for “xml jats conversion” will return a few more results.

I would write down some names I prefer not promoting services in the community forum. Feel free to write me a DM.