Ojs Keyword plugin can't support

Hi all
PHP 8.1 (ea-php81)
I need quickly help
When Manual Installed Keyword Plugin Tar file the site Blank Showing and Citation Plugin not open to setting display Failed Ajax request or invalid JSON returned.


Please remove this plugin currently this plugin is not compatible with


Which Plugin Citation or Keyword?

Keyword plugin is not work with current version


How to showing Keyword? Also check Citation Plugin #plugin.generic.Citation##
and usageStats Plugin not support?

Hello @IJBSRR_Journal

You can check here the plugins compatible with your OJS version:


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can you help one article can’t showing Download Metrics another all download metrics showing well

as far as I know Download Metrics are processed daily. If it is working for other articles, maybe it is that it just didn’t have data to process …

From the screen capture it seems that the article has been downloaded 7 times… As it was published on July 3rd, maybe all of them were today? …

I’d give it a little more time to see if it starts showing information

@hilongo @acspublisher

Yesterday download 4 today 3 then 7


I’m cheeking now yesterday and today all article downloading metrics not Showing. Sorry previous information,
How to solve it?

Hmmm… that is strange. Unless something has changed in the OJS system configuration or in the server’s configuration.

Maybe check the server has free storage space?

I faced something like that with version… and I had to manually add a crontab task to process the metrics logs… not sure if that would be useful in your case.

This was useful to solve the problem back then:


Can you provide GitHub about this solutions?

@hilongo @acspublisher

Download Metrics not update showing bellow. How to solve it
Pfd download 6

Hi there @IJBSRR_Journal

I’ve just checked the link you provided:

The plugin seems to be working well now, as it shows accurate information about article downloads… Did you do something that made it work? If so, please share the steps here for future reference :slight_smile:

As for your las post … I can’t provide any other course of action aside of the ones already pointed out.


Yes ijbssrnet.com work is well but ojs jhssrnet.com not working


For this you have to read PKP doc of Static section how to enable and use it.


@acspublisher @hilongo

Or Any options


No without confuguration you are not able to get statistic


Please prompt response configuration config.inc.php and config.TEMPLATE.inc.php


Can you pls elaborate what you are trying to achive