OJS 3.3 and Copernicus plugin

Hi @a-vodka,

Can you please let me know if the Copernicus plugin supports the latest OJS 3.3. versions?

Regards, Primož

really interested in this plugin.


Hi @a-vodka,

any plans to update the plugin to the latest OJS version?

Best regards, Primož

Hello, @primozs

I’m sorry, but not now. I hope some updates possible near end of May.

Maybe someone want to contribute or update my code.

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Hi @a-vodka,

Is anything new regarding this plugin? Still not supporting OJS 3.3?

Best regards, Primož

Hi @a-vodka,

There is some plugin update for OJS version

Please see this Index Copernicus plugin for OJS 3.3.0.X

Hi @adityab2,

Thanks for the info.

I will install the plugin and carry out the necessary tests, and I will tell you if it works correctly.


I have the Copernicus plugin version on the OJs platform, and when I try to export an issue the XML downloads empty and if I try to validate it shows me the following:

Also in the error.log it shows me the following:

DOMDocument::loadXML(): PCDATA invalid Char value 26 in Entity, line: 2 in /plugins/importexport/copernicus/CopernicusExportPlugin.inc.php on line 88, referer: https://xxxxx/management/importexport/plugin/CopernicusExportPlugin