Index Copernicus plugin for OJS 3.3.0.X

This is the updated Index Copernicus plugin for OJS version 3.3.0.X.
I hope it’s helpful for all.
GitHub- surojitbera2/index-copernicus-plugin-updated

Surojit Bera

Dear @Surojit_Bera,

you have double folders in zipped format. Also, the same still does not work under OJS and in status of uploading present Error.


Please download from this link

Please upload and extract in plugins/importexport folder

You are requested to please dont upload any plugin without approval from PKP, After checking of your plugin its not work and not suitable for user

Did you try this plugin before you put it in public? It is still error and does not work. In which version you tested this plugin?

It works for me without any error.
I exported it as xml.
I imported it from the Index Copernicus panel.
All articles in the issue have been transferred completely.
The versions I use. OJS,

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I try this plugin OJS-