Ojs-3.3.0-3 Failed Ajax request or invalid JSON returned

Dear friends,
I have this message “Failed Ajax request or invalid JSON returned.” when i try to add an contributor for a new submit article.

  • Application Version: OJS-3.3.0-3

  • Description of issue : submit an article → Add Contributor

  • Screenshots

Hi @Mohamed_SANDELI

You’ll need to talk to your systems administrator in this case. There is probably an error being recorded in the web server error log. Look for “Fatal Error” in there.


How, did you solve this error?

Hola, cuando agrego un revisor me muestra el mismo mensaje “Failed Ajax request or invalid JSON returned.” He actualizado a la version 3.3.0-12 y el problema persiste. En el log de apache se muestra la siguiente advertencia:
[php7:notice] [pid 4406] [client 127] PHP Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 0 of 1005 bytes in /var/www/html/conferencias/lib/pkp/classes/db/DAO.inc.php on line 252, referer: http://pruebaconferencias/index/user/profile
Espero su respuesta.
Saludos cordiales
Marcela Maurell