[OJS] Problems with DOI plugin - DOI automatic attribution to published content

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Since 2021 we are assigning DOIs to our journal’s Ciência da Informação published articles. Unfortunately for us, we do not have financial resources yet to pay for past issue DOIs.
However, OJS Plugin is adding DOIs to published content without our control.

I haven’t found documentation on what we can do to remove these DOIs without removing all the DOIs or desabling the plugin.

For example, this article (DOI: https://doi.org/10.18225/ci.inf..v33i2.1059) should NOT have a DOI assigned to it, because we did not pay for it, but the OJS plugin adds the DOI automatically to the page. When clicking the link, the DOI obviously is not found. This is not an error per se, but users are citing the DOI link that should not be enabled to this content, and it is causing serious trouble and workload on our already small editorial team.

We’d like to discuss a better solution for the plugin in such cases.

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After enabling the DOI Plugin, all articles have a DOI assigned, even those we haven’t paid for.

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Figure 1 - Past article with DOI assigned to it, but shouldn’t have one.

Figure 2 - DOI page informing that the DOI cannot be found

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Hi @ramon,

For DOIs, by using DOI plugin and clicking “Assign DOIs,” this, in effect, will give anything a DOI that doesn’t have one a DOI, which, I believe, may have led to the situation that you’re in. If you only want to activate DOIs for specific issues, it is best to do this at the article level. This post goes into a little more detail on how to do that: DOI Assignment at Submission Level: A Question

I should note that work around this is planned for 3.4, that should hopefully make it easy to assign DOIs “bulk actions” but right now if you’re trying to just hit a few without assigning DOIs to all your content, it is best to do this individually.

PKP Team

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