DOI Assignment at Submission Level: A Question


This is more of a question than a software support request.

My institution is currently using OJS 3.2.1-4. Some of our librarians who have experience with prior versions of OJS have reported that DOIs are not being automatically assigned to articles as they once had been. While the PKP docs on the DOI plugin seems to indicate that DOIs can be generated automatically, this post and this post seem to indicate that this functionality no longer works with versions 3.2+.

So, can someone confirm whether OJS 3.2+ is capable of automatically generating DOIs for submissions at the point of assigning it to a publication, or does the editor need to assign the DOI manually in the identifier tab after assigning to an issue before publication?

Any clarification on this question would be incredibly helpful.


Hi @jrmitchell,

The short answer is editors will need to assign the DOI manually in the identifiers tab after assigning it to an issue before publication. If the pre-publication popup shows a DOI as being unassigned, it will need to be assigned manually before publication. This will be improved starting in OJS 3.4, which will allow automatic DOI creation as well as provide clear options/descriptions for how and when this will happen.

In the DOI plugin settings there is a button, “Assign DOIs,” described in the documentation you linked to that will assign DOIs to any valid and enabled publication object type (article, galley, or issue) that does not already have a DOI assigned. This is adjacent to the “Reassign DOIs” button, which is more accurately a “delete all existing DOIs and assign new DOIs to everything all over again” button.

Hope that helps!


PKP Team

Hi Eric,

You answer is exactly what I was looking for! I appreciate you taking the time to clarify my question. I will make sure this information is conveyed to our editors so that they might adjust their workflow accordingly until we upgrade to the upcoming 3.4 release.