OJS 3.2.1 statistics not working since december 10


My articles statistics stopped working in december 10… this is what the graph shows:


What I’ve done so far:

I’ve checked the usageEventLogs and it has every logfile from december 10 to yesterday, this shows that my cron is executing the tools/runScheduledTasks.php and creating the log files:


however, it doesn’t seem that this information is being saved in my database.

The last record saved in my usage_stats_temporary_records is from Dec 9 of 2021:


I tried to run the runScheduledTasks.php script manually and watch the PHP logs with a tail -f to see if some error showed up, but nothing happened.

In addition, my usageStats/stage and my usageStats/processing doesn’t have any files.

Do you guys know what could be happening?

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Hello @Juan_Lopez … Did you manage to solve the problem or find it’s cause?

I have noticed a similar problem in our installation:

Hi @hilongo, Yes! check this post and see if it works for you too Article statistics, Metrics stopped updating - #7 by blmirza

Hope it helps.

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