usageEventLogs files are not moved to stage folder []

We have received reports from journal managers about the usage statistics not being updated since a couple of months ago.

After some checking, I’ve found out that the log files are correctly saved at [files_dir]/usageStats/usageEventLogs/ but they are not moved anymore to [files_dir]/usageStats/stage/

We noticed the problem with our installation. We have upgraded it to and the problem still persists.

If I manually move the log files from usageEventLogs to stage they get processed correctly when the crontab task gets executed


10 6 * * * root php /var/www/html/ojs3/tools/runScheduledTasks.php /var/www/html/ojs3/plugins/generic/usageStats/scheduledTasks.xml

and the corresponding log file is created at [files_dir]/scheduledTaskLogs/ with contents similar to:

[2022-03-02 11:26:40]
[2022-03-02 11:26:40] [Notificación] Se ha iniciado la tarea.
[2022-03-02 11:30:49] [Notificación] El archivo /var/www/ojs3files/usageStats/processing/usage_events_20220223.log se ha procesado y archivado.
[2022-03-02 11:30:49] [Notificación] Se ha detenido la tarea.

I have found nothing related to this in the server’s error log files and nothing is reported running the crontab task directly in the command line.

So I guess the problem is that something is preventing that the files get moved automatically to the stage folder.

Any tip as to where to check for the cause of this would be awesome :slight_smile: