[OJS.3.2.1-2] DOIs are not assigned automatically to submissions before scheduling to a future issue


DOIs are no more assigned automatically to new articles when scheduled to an issue.
When clicking on “Schedule for publication” in Publication step of a submission, and confirming a furture issue already created with Save, OJS says “A DOI has not been assigned to this publication.” in the Publish window.
Closing the window and going to “Identifiers” shows that no DOI has been automatically assigned, and we must to click Assign and then Save to go on.
We do not understand if automatic DOI assignement is no more possible in OJS 3.2 or this is a bug… In the DOI plugin documentation we find “Once you configured the pattern for DOI suffix generation in the DOI plugin you’ll not have to do anything special for an object to get a DOI assigned. The DOI will be assigned when you schedule it for an issue, or when you publish an article in an existing issue.” and for future issues DOIs are correctly assigned and OJSjust asks for a confirmation during publication…
Can anyone help?
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hi I bring up this post from months ago because I’m having problems for the publication of doi with datacite.
as he wrote correctly, they are not created automatically, but you have to go to the submission and click “assign”.
so if you use the quick submit plugin, you still have to go to submission, select the article, unpublish it and assign the doi in the relative screen.
this thing works and the doi is generated.
the problem we are having, in the datacite test area, is that the doi is not entered in the personal area, while it appears in the magazine article.
did you have a similar problem or do you have a solution to the problem?
thank you very much to everyone