[OJS] You can not generate a DOI until this publication has been assigned to an issue


We use OJS and we have the following problem with assigning the DOI to an already published article.

When I am going to assign it I have the following message:

You can not generate a DOI until this publication has been assigned to an issue.

The publication is already assigned to a number.

If I try to unpublish the number to try unpublish an publish, and I’m going to assign the number, it shows the following message:

A DOI has not been assigned to this publication.

if I’m going to assign the DOI it shows the message:

** You can not generate a DOI until this publication has been assigned to an issue. **

Do you have any ideas what I can do to assign the DOI?


Hi @andres.segovia,

Thanks for your question. Are you encountering this issue with multiple articles of just this particular one?

I would suggest confirming that you have the DOI properly configured to assign DOIs to articles and all other relevant types and that you have all your Publisher information - abbreviation, initial, online ISSN filled.

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Thanks @pmangahis

The problem occurs with some articles and not with others.

The problem started when we migrated to version

DOI is well configured, with other numbers we have not had problems.

The workarround we are using is to delete the number, create it again and load the articles again, in that case we have no problems.

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We found a possible pattern for the error.
If the number has no volume, this problem occurs. If a volume is assigned, the DOI can be assigned.


This problem started to happen when we migrated to version with previous version not happening.

Is it possible to solve this problem?

Thank you very much


Hi @andres.segovia,

Are you using the volume number in the DOI ?

Regards, Primož

Hi @primozs,

We use DOI suffix configured by default, , which utilize the volume


you mean that configuration?


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Hi @andres.segovia,

I would say it is clear: if the volume is not set in the issue metadata then it can not be used in the DOI so the DOI is not set, right?

Regards, Primož

Thanks @primozs
You are correct. I changed the DOI Suffix pattern to not use the volume and we were able to assign the DOI.

Anyway, something changed with this version of OJS, in previous versions we did not have this problem.

Thank you very much for your help.

We have the same problem.
An editor was working on on an issue before we upgraded to 3.2 and after the upgrade 3 articles were submitted to the issue. these articles do no have a doi.
We have tried to unpublish the submissions but are unable to add a doi.
There was no problem before the upgrade and all the submissions before the upgrade in the same issue have a doi that has succesfully resolved.

Should we unpublish the whole issue? there has been no problem earlier publishing articles to an already published issue