Trouble with DOI

Hello PKP Community - I need your help,

I am the OJS admin. at Aalborg University, Denmark, and one of your journals is having trouble with DOIs for the articles of their latest issue. They are for some reason not able to generate DOIs anymore and get the following error log message:
“You can not generate a DOI because one or more parts of the DOI pattern are missing data. You may need to assign the publication to an issue, set a publisher ID or enter page numbers.”

The thing is that they have provided all the data they usually do. They have assign the publication to an issue and also entered page numbers. It might be that they need to set a publisher ID (?), but they haven’t done that previously, and this is the first time they encounter problems with DOIs - and there has not been any changes in their work procedures.

We are currently using OJS (we updated in January and it is their first publication this year).

I hope you can help. Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,
Steffen Christensen

Hi, are you currently using the full DOI including the prefix?

I suggest two things:
1.- Check the DOI plugin configuration.
2.- Include in the DOI field the prefix (mandatory) and then the DOI.

Hi @slch-aub ,

Maybe this thread can help: [OJS] You can not generate a DOI until this publication has been assigned to an issue

Verify the DOI settings and what is required to generate DOI, must be a problem somewhere there.

Regards, Primož

Hi dagosalas,

Thank you for your reply! The full DOI including prefix was in use, but I was able to manually assign DOIs in the plugin configuration. This has solved the problem for now, and I have tried to change the DOI settings for the suffix. I hope and believe this will fix it.
Thanks again.

Kind regards,

Thank you Primoz! That was a indeed a helpful thread.