OJS 3.1. No Quick Submit Plugin in plugin gallery

Many thanks for OJS 3.1.0 !
testing this new version…

  1. I’ve found excess “Add item” in Sidebar management on Appearance page
    (using 3 languages UI / Submissions / Forms

  2. When you click on “Administration” Other tabs disappear

  3. I can not find QUICK SUBMIT PLUGIN !!! (

Thank you very much again. Sincerely.

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The QuickSubmit plug-in must first be installed from the plug-in gallery. And the error with Add Item is a really UI-error.

yes, i did so in 3.0.2 , but 3.1 Plugin Gallery is empty !
i’ve installed new 3.1…
maybe I should manually copy the plugin folder from 3.0.2 to 3.1?
can anybody help? Does anyone have such a problem?

Hi @OSU,

I need to update the plugin list for the OJS 3.1 release. I’ll do this within the next couple of days and you should see the plugins in the Plugin Gallery after that.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Many thanks, @asmecher!!! Will wait…
May I ask…
The plugin list for the OJS 3.1 release will be updated automatically or it will be necessary to do something with it ?

Hi @OSU,

The list is maintained on the PKP server and gets fetched by OJS installs. There’s no need for you to do anything beyond checking the plugin gallery to see whether the plugins are listed there yet.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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perfect! I had had the same question!
many thanks!

Hi @OSU and @t4x0n,

A slight correction – I did have to tweak a little bit of code in OJS to get this all working as it should.

After following the upgrade directions, your OJS install will be left with an entry in the database for the plugins you’ve installed through the Plugin Gallery before, but the plugins won’t be present in your filesystem. Thus OJS as released will report that the plugin is already present and up to date, even though it isn’t.

To get it to permit you to re-install the plugins you were using with a prior release of OJS, you’ll need to apply a patch. This is currently undergoing code review at Plugins already installed in database but not filesystem cannot be re-installed · Issue #2956 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub (but it’s a simple enough change that you can apply it with high confidence). After that you’ll be able to hit the Upgrade button inside the plugin gallery to re-add each plugin to your OJS.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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thank you @asmecher, I will wait for this patch!

Hi @asmecher,

Will this patch be included in the current OJS 3.1 installation package (we do not install from git repository)?

@asmecher, Many thanks for correction!
The list of plugins was updated automatically…


and quick submit plugin was successfully installed


I tested, it works well (key words are displayed on the article page)…

  • This case about clean installation OJS 3.1.0 (no upgrade from previous versions).

Soon I will try to update 3.0.2. with patch…

Thanks again!

@Ph_We this patch maybe will be included in 3.1.1, in GitHub you can see the changed file and introduce it in your own file. Here you can find this file: Comparing 4c685688ad692eebc5b47f253b7010cd1ca281ae...8a6f410ec3b873ca39e9afeb3713304ed2b1f1ac · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

I make it and is OK! thanks @asmecher


Hi @asmecher,
After applying this patch we managed to update some plugins. But still some plugins are missing both in the ‘installed’ list and in the Gallery. E.g. the “Manuscript” theme is not listed anywhere, but at the same time cannot be installed by manually uploading from the back-end (‘Plugin already installed, but can be updated to a newer version’)

Hi @Ph_We,

The Manuscript plugin needs a quick review before it’ll get re-added to the Plugin Gallery; watch for it to show up there in the near future.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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We have two installations now: 3.0.2 (production) and 3.1 (test).

The problem is we still cannot upgrade the QuickSubmit plugin in 3.0.2 (we really need to). Is the plugin’s version strictly dependent on the platform’s version?

As to 3.1, we allowed our user to use the Manuscript theme as it is (to test it and to give us feedback). So now many journals use it. After upgrade they will loose their design/layout (and maybe theme settings) completely.
Am I right, that we should wait with the upgrade until this theme is available? As I can see @NateWr has already released the version compatible with 3.1 (tagging him). Might there be any workaround for such cases?

Hi @Ph_We,

It sounds like your journals have customized the Manuscript theme. Is that right? If so, updating will destroy their changes. If you want to customize a theme, you’re recommended to always use a Child Theme. That way you can isolate your changes from changes in the base theme, allowing you to update your base theme without losing your changes.

@NateWr, thanks for your answer.
Nope, they just used those settings, available through Settings → Website → Appearance. None of them modified anything. The problem now is that after the (test) upgrade they seem to be left without any theme at all, since ‘Manuscript’ is now unavailable. So they’ll have to revert to the default one, which might be frustrating.
Would it be possible to add it to the Gallery?

Hi @Ph_We, I added the new release of Manuscript to the plugin gallery yesterday. They should be able to update it through the plugins list now. Or get the release package directly from GitHub: Releases · NateWr/defaultManuscript · GitHub

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Hi everyone,

I also have the same problem, my plugin gallery is empty.
Can anyone answer me is plugin gallery available only to journal administrator, or it should be available to journal manager also (my case)? I think it should be … and why on OJS can be only one administrator?

Thanks in advance,

I have the same issue with my new installation 3.1.2 where the list of Plugins does not include QuickSubmit which I really need. Is there anything I can go to get the QuickSubmit installed.