Translator plugin issue after upgrade to OJS 3.1

Hi PKP Community,
after succesfully upgrade to OJS 3.1 from OJS 3.0.2 some labels lost their translation (eg. navigation.register etc.).
But the problem is that the Translator plugin disappear in generic plugin listing, despite Plugin Gallery says “Plugin already installed and up-to-date.”
I don’t know if it’s important but i’ve used a subfolder to test the update (the production OJS 3.0.2 is installed in the root of the webserver).


Hi @angelo,

We have a somewhat similar issue here:

As to the issue with the Translator plugin, this might help:

Thanks @Ph_We,
I’ve solved the Translator plugin just re-uploading the plugin files on the server (my fault, I’ve just copied the public folder and settings).
But what about missing tranlsation? Someone knows how to reimport the translation made with the translator plugin?
I think that my translation is not corrupted (In english there is no problem), but just missing after the upgrade…