[OJS] Copyedit files from OJS 2 don't appear in OJS 3

I upgraded from OJS to OJS In the copyedit section in OJS 2, it shows 3 versions of the file, Initial Copyedit, Author/Creator Copyedit, and Final Copyedit. In OJS 3, it only shows 1 version of the file, the Initial Copyedit. Do these other two files appear somewhere else in OJS 3? Is this a bug or an intended feature or different workflow in OJS 3?

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Hi @njn315,

In OJS 2 all of the copyediting files appear in the same place, whereas in OJS 3, at the copyediting stage you can upload files under Draft Files, Copyediting Discussions, or Copyedited. The idea is that you upload drafts under Draft Files and you upload the final copyedited file that you want to send forward to Production under Copyedited. You can also upload draft files in Discussions but they may be less visible.

I’m not clear from your post whether you’re asking about one particular submission or copyediting files in general. If you’re asking about the particular submission in your first screenshot, and if in that submission 2 of the copyediting files were missing after upgrade, it’s likely that there was an error during the upgrade. All the copyediting files should have been retained in your upgrade to OJS 3. Can you give further information?

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks for the reply, @astevens . I’ve been comparing other submissions from our OJS 2 instance to our OJS 3 instance and I’m seeing some different results. The submission that I sent screenshots of above only had the initial copyedit file in the OJS 3 instance. With other submissions, I’m finding some have all 3 versions come over and others having a variation of 1 or 2 versions of the file that came over in the OJS 3 instance.

From what I can tell, Step 1 and Step 2 files in the Copyediting section in OJS 2 are being moved to the Copyediting Discussions section in OJS 3. And the Step 3 file in OJS 2 is being moved to the Production Discussions section in OJS 3 in the Layout Editing discussion. Here’s screenshots of one example of that. Is this expected for the OJS 2 to OJS 3 upgrade?

Ok, just discovered something. Not sure if it’s expected, a bug, or an error with the upgrade. Same submission as above, when I hover over the URLs, it gives a different file name than what the URL text displays.

See screenshots. File 320-2770-1-RV.docx shows as 2822-2 in the little pop up text and downloads the 2822-2 file, which is the name of the Initial Copyedit file in OJS 2. File 320-2822-2 shows as 2863-1 and downloads the 2863-1 file, which is the name of the Author/Creator Copyedit file in OJS 2. File 320-2863-1 shows as 2880-1 and downloads the 2880-1 file, which is the name of the Final Copyedit file in OJS 2.

So the 3 files from the Copyedit step in OJS 2 appear to be together in OJS 3, just with the wrong names displayed.

Also, if I go to the Layout Editing discussion in OJS 3, where the URL text shows 2880-1, it actually points to 2881-1, which correlates to the Layout version in OJS 2.

Hi @njn315,

Thanks for clarifying your issue and discovering the further issue with filenames changing. I believe it is normal for copyediting files from Step 1 and 2 in OJS 2 to be moved to Copyediting Discussions in OJS 3 and for Step 3 files to move to Production after upgrading.

In terms of the files being renamed, there has been discussion about this among our developers (see the forum post and Github issues below). However, I’m not clear from reading through the Github issues what the resolution was. @ajnyga, can you please explain?

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks, @astevens . This might be a different issue as the files aren’t being renamed but rather the URLs are referencing different files. It’s like something got shifted by 1, as the URL text links to the file below it.


A lot of details and in a bit of hurry, but:

  • it is expected that some things move under discussions when upgrading to OJS3, like the copyedit files and discussions
  • the file renaming discussions I started in 2017 probably did not lead into any results.
  • for the issue mentioned above: does the link open the correct file? If it does, then it is of course just a minor problem with the label, but a bug anyway

@ajnyga, the link opens a different file than the URL text, but it’s the file that should be there.

For instance, the URL says file 320-2770-1-RV. I don’t know what file that is but the URL text should say file 320-2822-2, which is the step 1 copyedit file. The little pop up tag says 2822-2 and the actual file that downloads is 2822-2.

The next file down has the URL text 2822-2, which is the name of the step 1 copyedit file. But the URL downloads file 2863-1, which is the step 2 copyedit file.

The next file down has the URL text of 2863-1, which is the name of the step 2 copyedit file, but the URL downloads file 2880-1, which is the step 3 copyedit file.

So, you can see how something is shifted by 1. The text and actual file download URL is off by 1.

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I’ve submitted a bug report for this issue, Copyedit/Layout files from OJS 2 have wrong URL text after OJS 3 upgrade · Issue #5078 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Hello, I’ve been looking for help with this same issue. Our journal is upgrading from OJS 2 to the newest version of OJS 3 and the revision histories and files are now missing. Did you find a solution? Thank you!

From what I remember, OJS 3 moved files to different spots. See post #3 in this thread where I discovered that. In the Copyediting area, check the Copyediting Discussions section. In the Layout Editing area, check the Production Discussions section. Are any of your files in there?

I think there may also have been some cases where files didn’t come over at all, but that was because they were the same exact file with no changes, so OJS 3 may have de-duped it or something. Sorry, it’s been a while so it’s not fresh on my mind anymore. We also never went to OJS 3 after all. There were other features that we rely on in version 2 that they haven’t brought over to 3 yet, as far as I know.

Thank you for your help! I’ll look into the other threads and ask the representative helping with our upgrade to double-check those places. From what I’ve looked into, the files just aren’t showing up at all.