Updating from OJS2 to OJS 3 - all revisions and initial copyedits missing


There are some major problems with revision files when updating to OJS3.

Basically all the revision files that the authors have submitted are not showing in OJS3.

Here is the list of sent revisions in OJS2

And here is the same article in OJS3:

The revisions seem to be missing from review_round_files table. They do exist in submission_files. However, the uploader user id is set to 1 in all submission_files so for example the title for review file in OJS3 is Journal manager, 58154-58668-1-SM.docx

A similar problem seems to be with the inital copyedit files, they are missing as well. The author copyedit version is visible in the copyedit discussions.

Edit: I just tested this with a clean install and the same thing happened: all revisions and in this case both copyedit files (initial and author version) are missing from the single submission I made. The original author submission is named " admin, Journal manager, articlename.docx" and the review version is named “Journal manager, 1-1-1-SM.docx”

I added an issue to Github: [OJS] Updating to OJS3 - revision files and initial copyedit files missing · Issue #2097 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Hi @ajnyga

Concerning uploader and thus file names: I think it wasn’t possible to have them correctly migrated because this information was missing in the OJS 2.4.x, s.a few comments from here: Can't Export Issues · Issue #1805 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.

The other issue – why are they not visible – we will have to debug/see…



Thank you so much! As you can imagine this is a critical issue for our journals and I am happy to help as much as possible. We are planning to upgrade to OJS3 in the beginning of January so everything connected to upgrading is my main priority.

About the file names. I do not think it is problem if the uploader id is set to 1 in all migrated files. However, there is a problem with the naming of the files. I am thinking about journals that have ongoing editorial processes during the upgrade. When the author logs in after the upgrade they are going to wonder what the new file names mean. Is there any reason why the migrated files could not have their original filenames saved to submission_file_settings table?

I mean, why not just use the original 1-1-1-SM.docx instead of admin, Journal manager, artikkeli-alkuperainen.docx? This way the returning authors would see file names they recognize and the new naming conventions could begin with files added after the upgrade.

Edit: I found some further information on this problem, I will post it in Github

Hi @ajnyga,

Maybe @asmecher can tell something about file names i.e. if we should change them to the original…

Could you maybe give me that fresh DB dump, for me to test it too? – If it does not contain any sensitive information, else I will make one too… You could send it to me per e-mail (bozana dot bokan at posteo dot net).

Thanks a lot!

Hi @bozana ,

Thank you for looking into this. I posted some things I found out to Github: