[OJS 3.1.1] [solved] Suddenly can't access website without login though it is openly accessible

Hi all,

Our OJS site just suddenly can’t be accessed without login. It is as if, we have put restriction to access the site. Our setting is intact: Access to journal content=>the journal will provide open access to its contents. This happens few days after upgrade. Any help will be much appreciated. Many thanks.

ps: we use PHP 5.6, encryption md5.

Edited: Just found out that Additional Site and Article Access Restrictions options were both checked. It shud be unchecked.

I have both the mentioned checkboxes unchecked still getting error Not Found when accessing without login. Please help.

Hi @paritosh89,

I’ve responded to your question on another topic. Please don’t double-post – it clutters the forum.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team