OCS - after 2 review rounds . How to submit final version?

Hi Alec, Hi everyone !

I’m running OCS . I have selected the option: Abstract followed by proposal (2 rounds of review required; first for abstract, second for proposal)

Both review rounds are ended, and now most of the authors need to make some adjustments to their works, recommended by the reviewers .

Is there any way to submit those final or presentation version of each full paper ?

In the mysql DB table ‘papers’ I see all of that paper_id with
status = 1 , submission_progress = 0 , review_mode = 3 and current_stage = 2
I would like to understand the meaning (and possible values) of those fields

Thanks a lot in advance, and Kind regards !

Hi @tantalocura,

It’s been a long time since Iooked at OCS 2.3.5, but I believe that if you record a “Revisions Required” decision, the author will be able to upload a revision.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

i have same problem with OCS 2.3.6, author cant upload their revision file even the editor already give revision required. i post my problem here : Author cant upload revised version