OAI-PMH issues (multi-journal installation, multi-language)

OJS 3.2.1

There are two issues with OAI-PMH on a multi-journal (one domain / journal, multi-language) installation with DC export:

First issue:
For the central, platform OAI-PMH URL, the DC export of an article misses the DOI in the dc:identifier for each journal, although the DOI had been assigned. Example:

https://www.hope.uzh.ch/oai?verb=GetRecord&metadataPrefix=oai_dc&identifier=oai:www.hope.uzh.ch:article/1382 (central URL)

On the journal OAI-PMH URL, the DOI is visible. Example:

Is this intended behavior? I don’t think so.
We would prefer to provide the central platform OAI-PMH - harvesters then can harvest all the journals via the sets and we wouldn’t have to register each journal url with the harvester. Therefore, dc:identifier with DOI must be available.

Second issue:
In a multi-language setup, the dc:source element is repeated for each language, see journal URL above.
This might provide harvesters problems. We propose that only dc:source is exported, for the main language.

Hi @mpbraendle,

The DOI issue is, I think, the same issue that’s being encountered here:

The dc:source elements are differentiated in the OAI-PMH protocol by xml-lang attributes, which is I think correct behaviour according to OAI-PMH. Other elements with multilingual content behave the same way.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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