Null notifications in OJS sites

Description of issue or problem I’m having:
My OJS sites show null notifications when i log into them. the null notifications show up for some time and then they disappear. these null notifications don’t come for next 1-2 days and show up again after that.

i tried to look for for what are these notifications on OJS forum however there is no concrete answer.

OJS version :

first it started with 1 ojs site and now its spreading to all OJS sites. notifications disappear however they are very annoying when we log in. I cannot find any answer for this issue.

is it known bug? please help.
are they terms updated notifications?
where can i turn them off?
what are these notifications? are they the tasks reminder in OJS site?

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 1.33.36 PM

Hi @sharma

There is a thread which other users brought a similar issue to this one. Please, read some suggestions from there, it might help in yours as well:


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@israel.cefrin the thread gives good knowledge however doesn’t give solution to what should i do to eliminate the null notifications. Is there something that i can do to remove these issue?

Hi @sharma

From the reading, it seems that you have some notification entries on your DB that you could remove. Specifically those related to PKP PN plugin.
Could you please run a test on a copy of your DB to test whether removing them solves the issue?


@israel.cefrin this issue of null notifications only come on my prod site.
my qa and dev instances doesn’t show null notifications.

so i cannot test this step. is there any other step that can be useful?

anything that can stop these null notifications. now i have this issue on my other OJS sites. please provide different step