Notification when author uploads revisions

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I apologise in advance if this has already been covered elsewhere, but I couldn’t find any such post.

We’re running 3.0.2. (just migrated from 2.4.x) and what I think is definitely missing at this point is a notification sent to the e-mail address of the journal when an author uploads a revised file (e.g. following our request to revise a manuscript).

We have already had two instances where as much as two weeks would pass before we noticed that there had been a change made by the author, because not only does no e-mail go out, but also no notification pops up in the Tasks field.

I think this should definitely change in future versions.

Thanks everyone.


I believe that a notification is sent if the author chooses for which file she is sending a revision. I mean when you upload a new file to the revisions grid, you get a pull down menu where you choose either “this is not a revision of an existing file” or the filename of a existing file. I have a feeling that in your case the authors have chosen “this is inot a revision of an existing file”.

Or, you could check your profile => Notifications and see if you have accidentally disabled the notifications.


Thanks for replying. I simulated the whole experience an author has and, regardless of whether I upload a revision of an existing file or “not a revision”, no notification is sent out. Maybe it’s just affecting our site for some reason.

Btw, I forgot about the notification option, but it is enabled. Having said that, this topic is probably not suited for the feature request section.

If you have notifications enabled and you have chosen that it is a revision of a file a notification should be sent, I think. Maybe you should move this to “questions”. I have a feeling that this section is not read so much as questions is.

Hello all,

This is an odd behaviour, as OJS 2.4.x notifies editor assigned to submission of an uploaded file by author.

However, (and I think I should open a new post for this!) I feel OJS should notify the Editorial team more often. Since no editorial team works exclusively for the journal (at least in Brazil), we need to be constantly reminded of the status of a submission (be those notifications - configurable - browser alerts, pop-ups, e-mails, or all of them!).

We receive an e-mail but if the situation is not solved immediately, delays happen. For example, our journals usually assign 2 or more reviewers to a submission, but to speed up things, we may assign to more than 3. There’s little notification of how many reviews have been completed for that submission, as you may have hundreds per journal hosted and managed by the same team.

Hi all,

We were also experiencing this issue and discovered that notifications will only occur if the reviewer submitted a request for revisions. See my more detailed response on a duplicate thread here: Notification of Revision Upload - #9 by freeform-sg

Hello All, we suffered the same condition. I am using the OJS, we were currently testing the workflow and noticed that there is no notification sent to author and editor regarding the revision upload, even with “revision of an existing file” is chosen. Do we have any progress regarding this issue? thanks

Hi @Mikhael_Johanes,

This should be improved in the next release (OJS 3.1.1), due out soon.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team