Not find DOI Plugin?

After the upgrade from OJS 3.4.0-1 to OJS 3.4.0-3, I did not find DOI Plugin? when I reviewed the files on the server, I did not find the Plugins folder, so I searched in the files that I downloaded from ( I did not find the Plugins folder. Is there a change in this Plugin?
I using OJS 3.3.0-4

Hello @Nasseer !

I would bet that the one you are searching for is under the ‘crossref’ directory :wink:

HI @hilongo ,
Think you lost the bet?
Did his name change, for example?

We don’t use 3.4 yet … but that’s the DOI plugin for us in…
only that it is under ‘import/export’ directory, not under ‘generic’.

You can check the README file to confirm

I don’t think it’s the same plugin.
Because, as you can read,

Hello@rcgillis ,
Can you help me with this problem?
Any hints or tips to find the solution?
Thanks in advance to everyone who can help

Hi @Nasseer,

In 3.4 the DOIs are not in a plugin any more, they are in the core, so you do not need any plugin for DOI assignments any more. You only need a registration agency plugin (e.g. Crossref), that is now under the generic plugin categery, to register your DOIs.

EDIT: DOI settings you will find under Distribution > DOIs.


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HI @bozana ,
I am very sorry for my delay in responding.
I thank you for this information that you mentioned, and it was very useful, but I am facing a problem, which is that the DOI does not appear in a section, as in the attached screenshot.
The page continues to load without any data appearing
Can you help me where the error lies?