Not find DOI Plugin?

Hi @Nasseer,
You do not need to upgrade first to 3.4.0-2 – upgrading directly to 3.4.0-3 should work.
Hmmm… Let me double check the download package…
But maybe one more thing you could try: try to delete all caches:

  • as admin go to Administration > Delete Data Cache and Delete Template Cache
  • also delete your browser cache


Hi @bozana ,
I greatly appreciate your help.
I have done this more than once in the past, and I also did it again now and tried from another device, and the result was the same.
But I found something in the plugin, where the version when specified in the script indicates that it is (v1.3.4.1 released on 17-02-2023), while the files on the site indicate that it is ( 2023-08-24)

Could this be the reason and how can this problem be addressed?


HI @bozana @asmecher @rcgillis

Please I need help with this issue. The issue continues and there is no solution in the forum. I tried most of the solutions and no successful results


Hi @Nasseer,

To be honest I do not know further…
The ORCID plugin should not be the problem i.e. it is maybe a separate problem and does not belong here – I consider here only the problem that DOIs management page is not working for you.
It seems that this is the problem, as you wrote above:

TypeError: this.enabledDoiTypes.includes is not a function
at a.addDoiObjects (build.js?v=

but I have no idea how this could be when you are using the .tar.gz package and after you cleared all your caches…
Has DOIs management page worked for you in
Do you already use in production?

Have you set up your DOIs, under Distribution > DOIs?

I have the same issue, with OJS and

I already have a journal where DOIs are working, and have configured another journal for DOI. Looking at Distribution → DOIs (/management/settings/distribution#dois) they have the same configuration, apart from the Crossref credentials.

It looks like the enabledDoiTypes prop of the DoiListPanel Vue component is being set to something that is not quite an Array:

Hope that helps!

Thanks @mgax for digging into this. We’ve run into this before where an associative array in PHP that is being sent to Vue is being coerced into a Javascript object. I’ll do some digging and see where this might be happening. I’ll follow up here when I find a fix.


PKP Team

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